Optima guarantees the quality & workmanship of all our products with a 100% unconditional guarantee. We sell STMC / ISO9002 certified compatible products guaranteed to meet or exceed the OEM original performance guidelines. Our overall combined product defect rate is under 1%. We even guarantee replacement or repair of equipment if our product were to damage it.
Is your company spending too much money on laser toner cartridges?
For years we’ve helped hundreds of companies like yours save thousands of dollars on their annual printing costs.

If you’ve been using the OEM brand toner from HP, Lexmark, Dell or others we can save you up to 70% with our Compatible Toners with No sacrifice in print quality and yield!
We Also Provide Service!
  We also offer a full line of OEM Product.
Laser Toner Cartridges
Optima Laser Toner Cartridges feature ISO 9002 Graphics-Grade Toner, OEM-style coating for the Mag Roller and PCR, LT777 drum analysis and 100% cartridge post production testing.
Inkjet Cartridges
Optima Inkjet Cartridges provide significant savings for the end-user. Like all Optima products, our heavy-duty cartridges always exceed OEM page-yields.
MICR Toner Cartridges
Optima offers a full line of MICR Toner Cartridges for check printing and barcoding. Our MICR's are manufactured to the same stringent standards as our non-MICR cartridges.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons & Cartridges
Optima offers Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Cartridges for all the most popular fax machines. Our Thermal Transfer Products deliver premium print quality, maximum page-yields, and significant savings over OEM products.
Here are a few facts about our Compatible Toners:

  Our Compatible Toners are made in factories certified under the ISO 9002 Quality System, and contain up to 80% in new parts including a new long-life drum and graphics quality toner! Our overall defect rate on our toners is less than 1%...because they are primarily NEW toner cartridges, not the typical remanufactured ones.

  Since the quality of our Compatible Toner Cartridges is so high we offer an exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which includes a Full Printer Protection Guarantee!
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